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Book a private taxi from Halifax to Manchester Airport for just £108 with Manchester Airport Trips. Taxi is the fastest and most reliable way to travel in England, UK. Travel to airports, tourist destinations, and any town or city with us.

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We have the following taxi options from Halifax to Manchester airport
1-Saloon car 
2-Estate car
4-Mercedez E Class

Taxi Fare Halifax to Manchester Airport 

We currently facilitate 1000 daily taxi bookings with the support of our fleet of 100 registered vehicles and licensed drivers.

The following is the price table for a taxi from Halifax to Manchester Airport for different types of vehicles

Halifax to Manchester Airport Taxis Saloon Car Estate Car Mercedes 8-seater minibus
Halifax to Manchester Airport Taxi £108 £114 £142 £149
Halifax Town Hall to Manchester Airport Taxi £113 £120 £147 £154
Halifax Road Sheffield to Manchester Airport Taxi £122 £129 £155 £162
Halifax to Manchester Taxi £114 £121 £149 £156

The taxi from Halifax to Manchester Airport costs £108 for a saloon car, £114 for an estate car, £149 for an 8-seater minibus, and £142 for the Mercedez E Class.

For a round trip from Halifax to Manchester Airport and back, the cost of taxi transfers varies depending on the vehicle chosen: £221 for a saloon car, £234 for an estate car, £303 for an 8-seater minibus, and £289 for the Mercedez E Class.
The estimated fare of a Saloon car taxi from Halifax to Manchester Airport with 1 child seat will be £121 and the ride will take 57 minutes to cover the distance of 74 km.

Why Pre-book a Taxi? :

In the meantime, it becomes very difficult to arrange a transfer, resulting in your flight cancellation. When you prebook your Halifax to Manchester airport transfer you have one less thing to worry about. We recommend you to pre-book the private taxi service for the fastest travel too.
Additional Tips
In addition, only take a legal taxi even if someone approaches you with a taxi deal, those are illegal cabs. When booking a taxi online read the reviews of the company before finalizing your decision to hire a taxi.

About Us 

Manchester Airport Trips is a local taxi company in Halifax. We are also providing taxis from Halifax to Manchester, Liverpool Airport, Leeds Bradford Airport and Birmingham Airport, and all sounding Areas.

How To Book Taxi with Us? :

 By phone at +447538430244. 

On the website by clicking here.

By Whatsapp on +447538430244.

By email to the address: “

Learn About Halifax

Halifax is a famous marketplace in West Yorkshire, England. It is a pivot point for major administration offices and private firms. Multiple industries, a superb economy, fetching buildings, and a nice transportation system make it extraordinary. Numerous industries—textile, tool manufacturing, chocolate, and toffee goods—uplift the regional value. Halifax has the most diverse culture, with a vivid medieval heritage. A great number of art galleries, museums, and auditoriums represent the regional culture superbly. Meanwhile, the splendid nightlife and awesome music scenes make it bustling for tourists. A variety of colorful festivals and wide events on special occasions make it renowned throughout the world. BBC Yorkshire” and ITV Yorkshire” run news channels and TV programs. Numerous radio broadcasts and a local Calderdale newspaper are efficient media sources for the town.

Moreover, it is a land with beautiful landmarks, old historic architecture, and illustrious textile industries. “People’s Park”, “Shibden Park”, and “Beechwood Parks” are some of the major buzzing parks in Halifax. “Newton Tower playing field” offers a wide green field for playing tennis, cricket, and children's sports. It’s a cozy platform for families and sports enthusiasts.

There is a wide network of educational institutes, from primary to higher education. “University Centre Calderdale” is the main university in Halifax to serve students with extensive research and knowledge. The worth of a particular region is estimated through its transport system and connections. The “Halifax Railway Station” provides easy and memorable travel to Manchester Victoria, Blackpool, Selby, and London King’s Cross. Wide roads and the West Yorkshire Metro make road travel delightful. In general, Halifax has grand beauty, alluring architecture, appealing tourist places, and a diverse culture..

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can book a taxi with Manchester Airport Trips online, by phone, or through our app. To book online, simply visit our website and enter your pickup and drop-off locations. You can also book by phone by calling +447538430244. To book through our app, simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

It will cost £108 for one way. For a round trip, it will cost £221.

It will cost £114 for one way. For a round trip, it will cost £234.

It will cost £149 for one way. For a round trip, it will cost £303.

It will cost £142 for one way. For a round trip, it will cost £289.

The distance is 74 km or 46 miles

It will take just 57 minutes one way and 1 hours  54 minutes for a round trip.

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