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Do you want to go on a vacation but you are restrained because you have a baby? Are you searching for an alternative means to make your vacation plan a success to avoid the hassles of flying with a baby? Do not stress out; Airport Taxi Manchester will help you. Your vacation plan will be a reality.

At Airport Taxi Manchester, we provide top-notch taxi transfers in Liverpool. And to clients travelling with their babies, we provide child seats to keep babies safe and free from stress. Our priority is meeting the needs of our customers and providing everything that will make their trips safe, hassle-free, and enjoyable.

Travelling with newborns, toddlers or young children can undoubtedly be stressful. However, you do not have to worry when you choose to travel using our services. We provide child seats that are comfortable and secure, guaranteed to give your children a pleasant experience and maximum comfort. Besides, we prioritize children's safety while on board our vehicles by ensuring that car seats and high-quality child seats are provided.

Our priority is your child's safety and comfort while riding with us. Like all parents, we want children riding with us to be as safe as possible by ensuring that they use child seats correctly. Reports reveal that thousands of children get killed or wounded in auto accidents each year. Your children are safe when you travel with them in our vehicles. In addition to providing child seats, we also ensure that the car seats are used correctly.

Choosing our top-of-the-line taxi transfers makes going on vacation with your infants possible. They will sit on child seats, allowing you to use both hands and enjoy the trip without hassles. Airport Taxi Manchester will ensure that you and your children are conveyed to your destination safely without any hassles.

Saloon cars

Carry 4 people & 3 bags 

Estate Cars

Carry 4 people & 4 bags 

Executive Cars

Carry 5 people & 4 bags.


Carry 8 people & 7 bags.

Booking taxis with car seats

Given this development, Airport Taxi Manchester provides comfortable child seats to make travelling great distances possible without feeling concerned about the comfort and safety of your child. The estimated fare of a Saloon car taxi from Liverpool to Manchester Airport with 1 child seat will be £102 and the ride will take 57 minutes to cover the distance of 57 km. The estate car will cost 113£ with 1 child seat, the minibus will cost 150£ with 1 child seat.

Child Seat Laws in Liverpool

New restrictions have been announced regarding transporting of children in vehicles to and from Manchester Airport. According to the law, when children are passengers in cars, vans and commercial vehicles, they must wear child restraints. Children below three years old must be appropriately restrained in the form of child seats. Children from three to twelve years old or until they reach a height of 135cm must use proper restrictions when on board.

 Whether you book an executive car, SUV or saloon car when traveling with your child, you are entitled to child's seats for your Liverpool taxi transfers. You can secure the child seats to protect your child or children. We have child seats for twins and multiples, which can be pre-installed. Meanwhile, you should indicate this when booking your transfer.

Our payment options

There is no hassle with our payment method just simply use your credit card. Contact us to book a taxi with a child seat in Liverpool for safe transportation with your children without any trouble. We are committed to your safety and your child's protection.

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